Just a few thoughts from my head

I love photography. I love the how and the why, the creating and the admiring, the past and the present. I spend a lot of time thinking, doing, and talking about photography. There are so many ways to appreciate and involve oneself. Photographs can be beautiful. Images showing deep emotion, love, peace, rejoicing, the beauty of people and places far away. They can also be hard; sharing heartbreak, documenting the human condition, showing truth that is not always pretty but often strong. I love how you can capture a moment in time. A moment that may never be repeated but can last a lifetime. Put several of those moments together and you have a story. No words just photos showing us what is or what was.

I can spend lovely afternoons in art galleries studying Fine Art photography. Then there are bookstores, so many pages of images and stories.  Lets not forget the Internet!  At the tips of your fingers you can go anywhere, see anything, images from near and far. Instagram has opened more paths than I could have imaged. I have “insta-friends” all over the world.

(If you are on Instagram it would be worth your time to take a look at a few of these feeds: @shirwin, @jantex, and @tseabold are a wonderful women I follow, @marte_farie_forsberg, @Linda_Lomelino, and @Niyalakmanalp are a few. There are so many more…..)

Connecting in this way has made my world larger and smaller at the same time. I’ve see art, people, places, images that have inspired me, and I hope made me grow. But can there be too much? Too much of watching other people live? I think so.


This is where I recently found myself, watching others live. Lately the Green Eyed Monster known as envy has been working its way through my heart and mind. Through the Internet I see amazing images, colors, textures, places, food, art. Instead of appreciating them I heard my envy-self asking why? Why can’t I go there, see these places, make these images? Share them and go viral?(ha) Well I’m not a fan of my envy-self so I set out to move her out of my head.

I am blessed. I have a beautiful family, I live in a beautiful place. I truly believe there is beauty surrounding us. God creates beauty. We just need to take the time to look.

People often suggest keeping a gratitude journal or an on going list of blessings. I’ve done this off and on for several years. But I needed something different. I’m a visual person. I know things in my head but to see makes a lasting imprint. So I created a visual list of beauty and blessing in my life. It didn’t take long to remind my self of a blessed life. Here are just a few of what I found just a few steps from my front door.

IMG_7090IMG_7007IMG_2771 IMG_6966 IMG_2897 IMG_2808 IMG_2670-EditIMG_1857 IMG_1891 IMG_1888   IMG_1779

IMG_7221 IMG_7144IMG_7162

I hope you spend sometime seeing the beauty right in front of your eyes.

I know I will do it more often!

Until next time, Blessings


Will you marry me again? Yes, again and again

A few weeks ago I was contacted and asked to photograph a couple as they renewed their wedding vows.  It was a little short notice so I don’t know alot about this couple, as I would with a client I had worked with for a while. Cynthia told they had been married 23 years, an odd year to renew but it had been a tough one due to illness. I was free that Sunday, and what a blessing!

A dear long time friend hosted the most beautiful garden party.

Friends gathered and listened as sweet words of love and thankfulness were shared. These are amazing friends who have loved and supported them, especially through this rough time.

I was so touched by his words of what love is, how simple, sweet and pure. Her emotion of thankfulness  for coming through this hard time but so glad to have done it with him.  Some words were unspoken but clearly heard, even by someone who just met them.

He giggles and ask ” Will you marry me again?” With a smile and tears, she answers “Yes, again and again.”

After a few shoots, we left the love birds to enjoy food, friends and love through what I’m sure was a magical evening!

The last of summer color

Last Saturday, nature took back what the summer garden had shared with me.  A strong cold front came blowing through the Hill Country taking with it the last of my summer garden.


I went out early to harvest what was ready, only leaving what need time to grow and ripen.                                                                                                   


                       A Basket of color!                                                                       img_6977


I then tried to cover the tender plants, tomatoes, peppers, and green beans. Hoping against nature the weatherman was wrong and they would live to see another few weeks and another basket full.

It was not to be; the cold hit hard and long enough to take back what the garden earth had given for this season.


I love my garden. It’s where I sing, pray, work, relax, and enjoy the seasons of the year.  It’s often where I clear my head as I clear the weeds.

This summer I read the book   Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver.  I love the thought of growing our food, of living locally. I’m not even close to only eating what’s in my back yard but we will have a few things in the freezer for later, and Thanksgiving will be fresh green beans and Fresh Pumpkin Pie.