First Guest.

Life here at the Homestead has been non stop the last several weeks. Except for those days we were freezing and had ALL THAT ICE (ha).  Here in the Hill Country everything stops; the schools close, offices shut down, people don’t leave their homes. OK I admit I’m not big on getting out in the cold either! It kinda stops me in my tracks.

But, when we weren’t freezin, we were really busy! As you may have read in an earlier December post,  we opened our Bed and Breakfast. I spent a lot of my time scurrying around finishing details right up to our first guest checking in.

I’m sorry to say I don’t have a photograph of our first guest. And you may ask, what kind of a photographer doesn’t photograph a big event like her first guest at her B&B? The answer; one who is learning to be a “inn keeper.”

I assume some guests will want to visit and get to know their host, maybe even share a glass of wine around the fire pit. Wouldn’t that be lovely?

Then there are others who might be looking for some quite and solitude, basically to be left alone. Being a new “inn keeper,” I have yet to figure the balance, hence, no pictures!

I did however, photograph a few of the breakfast I prepared for them!


We started off with those lovely Ginger Cranberry Scones, from my friend Denise at Chez Us, served with last year’s Peach Bourbon Jam from our tree, Greek Yogurt parfait with granola and, of course, OJ.


Day two, Skillet Baked Eggs with winter greens and a yogurt chile sauce.

IMG_8860-1-Edit IMG_8862-Edit

There was also more Jam with wheat toast and French Press coffee!

So far, I rather enjoy the mornings serving our guest. We stock the house with coffee, cream, sugar and juice so I don’t have to rush down at first light. And one simply can’t complain about a guest who sends a text like this:


Not a bad why to ease into the serving breakfast thing!


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