A Treasure in Dripping Springs

“Because it fits me.”  That was the answer Fabienne Bollom gave when asked why she chose this location for her bakery/bistro, Rolling in Thyme and Dough in 2005 (Known locally as just Thyme and Dough)

This little Gingerbread looking house, built sometime around 1904, sits on the corner of HWY 290 West and Bluff Street, in the heart of Dripping Springs, TX. Longtime locals have seen it go through many lives, from a cherished home, to office space, to the lovely Bolton’s Nursery. But none would have thought this tiny house would become a culinary landmark. That from a small but busy kitchen could come some of the most delectable treasures your taste buds could desire.

But that is exactly what has occurred over the last 7 years as Fabieanne has brought us a mixture of her Belgium roots and world travels, adding to a bit of local farm and flair. She as exposed us to a creative culture of exquisite food, beauty and peaceful surroundings and the joy of sharing it all in community.  I’ve heard it said she has one rule she tells a new employee, “My customers are Queens and Kings”

Not long ago I had the opportunity to spend some time behind the kitchen doors and watch Fabienne and her staff work their magic. I arrived around 4:30am with the “early baker” who had been there since before 2:00! The quiet morning kitchen immediately brought me back to my own bakery days in the 90’s and a love of baking and creating sweet and savory treats for those you love. I believe good food created by those who love what they do can bring such pleasure to both the ones preparing and those fortunate enough to partake.

Currently Thyme and Dough is going through an expansion, adding more room for both preparing and dining, and where Fabienne can host her fabulous cooking classes. (Watch for further blogging on that!)  We are all looking forward to the grand opening this week on Friday Oct 5th!  Even though the structure may take on a little different look, the food and feel with only remain the same or get better! If you are local and have not ever made a visit you should. For the rest of you, it will be worth your time if you are every driving through Drip!

Here are a few of my favorites as I spent the day at “Thyme and Dough”

It looks a bit different today but still wonderfully charming.

Joy in the kitchen!

Can’t make breakfast? Then try the The Two-Ninety Torte for lunch.

Check our the Lunch menu.

And don’t forget Thursday is “Bistro Night” for an unbelievable dinner with local entertainment.

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