Giving voice

I keep waiting for the perfect words to come, they are not coming. And rightly so because this is not a perfect story.

I have been on somewhat of a journey, it began with redesigning my website but quickly took on a life of its own. These days you can’t simply re-design your site, you have to “Brand” or ‘Re-Brand” yourself. In Branding, first you must ask yourself who you are as a photographer and what your photography is saying?  That of course leads to self reflection and who has time for that? So I would put it on the back burner for a time, then pull it forward trying to “reflect”, then get busy and push it back, all the while not getting anything updated because I was not “perfectly” sure what I was trying to say.

In between then and now was quite a  struggling, I won’t bore you with the details, but that struggle lead me to spend a week with a group of photographers all looking for more in their photography. “Photo Muse” Austin was a group of 12 photographers, lead and directed by 3 leaders in the industry. Lynn Johnson, National Geographic, Penny De Los Santos, travel and food photographer and Scott Martin  fine art photographer and digital imaging educator.

There is much to share, and as I continue to process I will tell those stories, but the short version is: I went to be inspired, make beautiful images and find my voice. I finished the week with more purpose and a different kind of beauty in my work. I spent the week getting to know and photographing a group of men, telling the story of their lives. This may not be much different from my work in weddings, telling the love story of the couple and the story of the day. But these men live on the street, between a fence and wall, in the middle of no where, yet everywhere. They are the men and women we see (or often try not to) on street corners across this city, across the county. They have names, dreams, memories. My assignment, to give them their voice.

Life between the wall and a fence.





In the days to come I hope to spend more time with them, and share their stories with you. To what end, I do not know. I do know people, all people are worth knowing.

Do I have a new brand? Nope! I don’t think so but I do know why I feel strongly about photography. To give each person a voice and tell their story. Weather the love story of a new marriage, the beginning of life in a newborn, the excitement and expectations of high school seniors. Equally important is the voice of the unnamed, the unseen, forgotten. I hope to treat them all the same.


3 thoughts on “Giving voice

  1. this is awesome DorRae. I am really proud of you, which probably sounds weird coming from me, but this work is worth it and I look forward to doing worthwhile work together someday. Love you.

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